Five Skolkovo companies will take part in the DICE Europe video game industry conference, which is taking place in Cascais, Portugal on September 10-12.

DICE (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) brings together gaming, console and VR industry players from all over the world.

Webgears creates 3D visualisation for industry and new-generation computer games.

The Skolkovo startups taking part in the conference are:

Antilatency, the developer of a wireless tracker for virtual reality: a small camera which, when connected to a smartphone, provides users with a fully-fledged VR headset.

WGT Ltd, a supplier of 3D visualisation for industry and new-generation games. Their solution makes it possible to display high-quality graphics while using 100 times fewer computer resources.

Playkey, a service that allows gamers with old or slow PCs to play the latest games.

CDN video, a B2B content distribution service that allows users to access new games and series of their favorite TV shows directly from their phones and computers.  

Rikor Games, Russian developers of the CityBattle team shooter, an analogue of Overwatch.

"Projects developing technologies for gamedev, virtual and augmented realities and content distribution have only evolved into an independent area of focus in Skolkovo this year,” said Dmitry Khodkov, head of Gamedev/E-sport/media environment within Skolkovo’s IT cluster.

“The Skolkovo Foundation’s participation in DICE Europe is a great chance to get to know the global gaming industry, encourage interest in Russian projects and pave the way for investments and contracts in the West. The IT cluster expects to launch a number of pilot projects [there] in the next six months."