Almost half of the top 50 Russian startups in 2015 selected by Russia Beyond the Headlines, a news agency publishing Russian news in foreign languages, are resident companies of the Skolkovo Foundation.

A total of 24 Skolkovo startups were included in the rating, which focuses on Russian startups demonstrating potential to succeed on the international market.

“RBTH's rating of Russian startups is very interesting,” said Vasily Belov, senior vice president for innovations at the Skolkovo Foundation. “Venture funds are looking to work with those Russian startups that want to bring their products and services to foreign markets.”


The 24 Skolkovo residents featured on the list include 3D Bioprinting Solutions, which printed a fully functional mouse’s thyroid gland last year; Dauria Aerospace, Russia’s first private space company; Fibrum, which makes virtual reality headsets; Optogard Nanontech, which works on the industrial application of laser-plasma technology; Promobot, which makes friendly promotional robots; VisionLabs, a world leader in face recognition; and YaKlass, which develops educational internet resources for schoolchildren, teachers and parents.

The startups featured in the rating were selected according to criteria such as interest from foreign investors, how unique their ideas are, demand for their product or service among foreign consumers, the potential for commercialisation, and the social impact of the idea – the ability of a new technology to improve people’s lives. The top 50 were chosen from more than 200 Russian startups that met the criteria.

The annual rating has been compiled by RBTH, owned by government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta, since 2012.   

The Skolkovo Foundation, which aims to foster a startup culture and encourage entrepreneurship with the ultimate aim of modernising and diversifying the Russian economy, is currently home to more than 1,430 technology startups.